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artikel zonsopkomst/ondergang fotograferen.

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Arjen Drost

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PostPosted: Sat 18 Nov 2006, 12:30    Post subject: artikel zonsopkomst/ondergang fotograferen.
Ha allen

Er verschijnen hier regelmatig plaatjes van zonsopkomsten of -ondergangen. Ze krijgen altijd veel "Oh" en "ah" commentaar, maar vaak komt dit volgens mij alleen door de kleuren. Verder zijn het toch vaak wat saaiere plaatjes die veel mooier moeten kunnen. Op internet kwam ik onderstaand artikel tegen over de techniek achter het maken van dit soort foto's.

We all love to take sunrise-sunset shots. In fact, chances are good that when you got your first digital camera it wasn't long before you tried it out on a sunrise-sunset. One of the reasons that sunrises-sunsets are so popular is that it is so easy to get an image that grabs peoples' attention. Almost anyone can get a nice sunrise-sunset shot. We press the shutter, and we end up with all those glowing colors. However, it is this very fact that makes it difficult to create a sunrise-sunset shot that stands out. Everyone has sunrise-sunset images with glowing colors. For those photographers that want their sunrise-sunset images to rise above the norm, something more is needed. With this goal in mind, this article is about taking sunrise-sunset shots that rise above the typical glowing color, sunrise-sunset images.

Lees hier het volledige artikel.

Succes ermee

Arjen Drost
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